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Have you ever imagined how your perfect adventure in Gerês would be? Adventours® allready did it! Every moment of the Green Peaks Gerês Cycling Tour has so much more than you ever imagined. In a unique and exclusive road cycling experience, Adventours® takes you into contact with the Gerês National Park, the only Portuguese protected area classified as such.

  • Data: 18-05-2022 09:00
  • Localização Gerês, Terras de Bouro, Portugal (Mapa)


In the far northwest of Portugal, between Alto Minho and Trás-os-Montes, you may find the Peneda-Gerês National Park, the only Portuguese protected area classified as such. Considered by "The Guardian" as one of the 10 best Natural Parks in Europe, it is a world apart in which nature and humans live in perfect harmony, preserving ancient values and traditions. It has an unusual beauty, with mountainous landscapes and very sui generis characteristics, perfect for outdoor activities. The luxurious vegetation, with an endless variety of green tones, includes the only holly forest in Portugal, and endemic species such as the Gerês lily, which brightens up the fields with its shades of violet-blue. Rivers and streams flow through the mountains, rushing down in waterfalls forming crystalline water dams that invite you to reinvigorate baths. The landscapes are breathtaking. Sometimes you might spot a roebuck (the Park’s symbol) or, if you’re lucky, its predator, the Iberian wolf. More common are the “Garranos”, wild horses that run freely in the mountains. You may also come across the Barrosã breed cattle or the dark-haired Castro Laboreiro dogs, guarding the herds in harmony with the rhythm of the changing seasons. This "planted seafront garden" has remained unknown to the general public for a long time. However, in the last few years sport events like Trail Running World Championship and the annual stage of the Gerês Granfondo (a cycling event that brings together about 2000 athletes from all corners of the globe) have chosen this region. With roads in perfect condition and traffic free, Peneda- Gerês National Park enjoys a unique environment for cycling, with deep valleys, challenging climbs (with mountain peaks above 1500 meters) and plateaus with breathtaking panoramic views. With years of experience in organizing outdoor activities, Adventours® carries out the Green Peaks Gerês Cycling Tour, aiming to offer a unique road cycling trip in the mountains of northern Portugal, crossing some of the most spectacular natural scenery of the region, such as the D`Arga, Cabreira, Soajo, Amarela and the magnificent Peneda- Gerês mountains. Designed for a cyclist with a regular cycling practice (road or mountain bike), the Green Peaks Gerês Cycling Tour event will last 6 days, with 4 cycling days, 280 miles/450km total distance and +20 000feet/+8000 meters total elevation, exploring the inside of the this majestic landscapes.